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Champions welcomed.


Makeover for my Necro! Ahhh I love this new hair style so much


Sailor Moon Crystal vs older Sailor Moon vs Rapunzel, Merida and Thor! :>

I adore new SM. C:

So happy for the reboot!!!

+10 plume prism power!

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Thanks so much for the follow!~ ^^

Anytime!!! :)

Editing this just because…

All I am going to say is that if you live with or know someone with a substance abuse problem the best thing you can do for them is give them some tough love. Don’t “help” them by cleaning up their messes and staying hush hush about things out of fear. Please don’t enable such things.

Here are some examples…

Rainbow Sparkle.

All things have a right to grow.

Thanks to guide I am finally making gifs!


                     LITTLE SOLACE PART 1

I absolutely love this place and those little creatures. I’ts a beautiful place <3